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Strip away the myths and discover life-changing sex coaching with Dr. Lanae. Here we dig deep into the real-life bits of relationships and sex, going beyond the surface to explore Intimacy, connection, and freedom.

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A Different Kind of Conversation About Sexuality and Relationships

At the heart of my sex coaching practice (similar but different to "sex therapy"), lies a simple truth: Many of us think our challenges in the bedroom are about sex, but more often, there's usually something deeper—an issue with intimacy, connection, or freedom. Here, I don't just focus on the physical; we explore the emotional, the personal, and the spiritual dimensions that make us sexual beings.

Whether you're wanting to be able to talk about sex or your relationship with your partner, or trying to get over erectile dysfunction, or just want to discover your own desires, my approach as a sex coach is to meet you where you are. Together, we will peel back the layers of societal messages and expectations you've taken in throughout your life and keep only what truly serves you now.

Our sex coaching sessions cover all the topics you probably didn't learn in school, such as:

Build a Great Sex Life

Master a fulfilling, healthy, and happy sex life that lasts.

Explore Sex Through Your LifeSpan

Find out how your desire and feelings about sex can change as you get older.

Understand Sex Ed Concepts

Gain clarity on essential sex education to better understand how it all works.

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Before working with Dr. Lanae, I felt stuck by chronic vulvodynia and it was affecting my connection with my partner. Shame and anxiety weighed me down. Her gentle, empathetic approach opened my eyes a bit. I was able to reframe my self-view and get some tools for healing and hope. Now, I've got optimism and strategies for a more connected sex life.


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Dr. Lanae St.John

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I try to take the mystery out of sexual health and relationships with a side of humor and a mountain of credentials. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology and a certified sex coach, my credentials are solid, but my down-to-earth approach sets me apart. Author of "Read Me: A Parental Primer for 'The Talk'" and I'm writing some more, working on another as yet unnamed book. I'm on a mission to make sexual education as easy as scrolling through your feed. 

On this site, I want to give you a mix of professional wisdom and relatable stories, and show you that learning about sex and intimacy doesn't have to be kept hush hush.

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