Talking About Sex: Parent’s Biggest Mistake?


Ever tried answering questions about sex or sexuality in 140 characters or less?

When I’m not writing or teaching sex education I usually can be found on Twitter as @TheMamaSutra.  It’s a bad habit, I know, but I love posting articles, quotes, and clips that relate to sex – specifically information, education, and acceptance.  A few months back I was asked this question by a new friend Female Underground and what followed was my best attempt to answer in a series of tweets 140 characters or less.

(If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, tweets addressed to a person begin with the person-you-are-speaking-to’s twitter handle.  It’s as if you were to say, “Jill, where are you?”  Make sense?)

Q:  @TheMamaSutra  What do you think the biggest mistake parents make is?

Me:  @FemUnderground Parents’ biggest mistake? Pretending nothing is going on OR making judgmental comments when they think kids aren’t listening

Q:  @TheMamaSutra one more ? What should you do when you find out your kid is having sex? Should you make it tough for them to do at home?

Me:  @FemUnderground I think that depends on so many things..for 1, the future relationship u want to have w ur own kid (& ur potentialgrandkid)

Me:  @FemUnderground parents can’t play ignorant & treat their kids like they dont need to know if they aren’t prepared to be grandparents.

Me:  @FemUnderground I didnt answer the 1st Q: talk to them. Find out if they are ok. Find out if it was what they hoped/expected. Find out…1/2

Me:  @FemUnderground 2/2 if they plan to do it again. Find out what exactly they are doing. Find out if they have questions. XXOO

Q:  @TheMamaSutra solid advice! Thank you!

Me:  @FemUnderground my pleasure. xxoo

That was it.  It’s very simple: Be there for your kids.  When they don’t do as you say (and that may be how it goes), be there for them and make sure they are ok.


The MamaSutra

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Dr. Lanae St.John is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology and certified sex coach with a background in sexology and a passion for helping people improve their sexual health and relationships. She is the author of "Read Me: A Parental Primer for "The Talk"" and the upcoming "You Are the One: How stopping the search and looking inside will lead you to your romantic destiny," and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research and trends in the field. Dr. St.John aims to share her knowledge and expertise in a relatable and approachable way through her blog on

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