Last weekend at brunch, the four of us were out to our favorite little coffee shop. We are regulars at this spot such that they know and confirm our orders as we sit down.

While we waited for a table this time though, there was a cute older couple nibbling on a side order of sausage links.

My mouth watered. Having lived in Germany for some years, my daughters and I have a taste for Nürnberger rostbratwürstchen (similar in looks to regular American sausage links but taste so much better! #biased). My kids started eyeing the dish as well. We were already hungry at that point, so seeing these yummy links gave each of us a desire to add that to our order. This was discovered when one of us motioned in that direction and said we were hungry for sausage. The other two chimed in agreement as well.

Once seated, we worked quickly to finish our meal and realized only at the end that we didn’t get the sausages. My partner, a German, surprisingly doesn’t share our liking for sausage so he wrinkled his nose when we voiced our disappointment. He turned up his nose (as he’s been known to do) and started to “yuk” our “yum”. I explained that the three of us enjoyed a few of the different kinds of Würste (sausages) we got to taste in the time we lived in Düsseldorf and that it brings up good memories for us. English is his second language and sometimes he retranslates sentences a second time for better processing in his head. He said, “Oh, so in the past, you had good experiences with sausages such that you want to order some.” I corrected him, explaining that saying I had “good experiences” with sausages just sounded weird. Marcia cried out with feigned indignation, “that was one time!!” quoting the movie Mean Girls at just the right moment. What great timing. Collectively, we lost it in the middle of brunch, doubling over with laughter.

Again, the opportunities to laugh and share jokes with these kids are golden. We have gotten to a point where their adolescent humor is our “adolescent humor.”


Dr. Lanae

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These stories come from my real-life adventures.  I’d love to hear about your experiences, so if it’s comfortable for you, feel free to share your story in the comment section below.

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