OMG! My book “READ ME: A Parental Primer for “The Talk” turned 1. Happy Birthday!

Am really excited my book turned 1 happy birthday! I intended to do something big for it but as it happens, I almost missed the date on my calendar. I’m blaming COVID-19. 

(…Either that or my book *is* my third child. After all, my youngest has gotten less party planning and execution. Am I the only mom who does this??)

But we celebrate anyway! To celebrate this birthday, I have a few things planned.

Starting Monday, June 29, 2020, I’m planning to go live on Facebook once per day, M-F this week. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that being on camera without anyone “there” weirds me out because I don’t like being a “talking head”. I need someone to talk with and interact with, in real-time (Call me “needy”, I can take it). 

Will you join me?

Each day is basically a party where I talk about “things you should say (or not) say to your children about sex”. Come bring your stories.

Here’s how you can party with me. 
  • Got a friend who has a child nearing “the talk” age? Invite them to one of the lives where I will do a quick fun overview of the book.
  • Buy the book during the Livestream. Whenever someone buys during the Livestream and sends in their receipt, I will share another ‘not yet published” story.
  • Grab a drink and join me for a toast.

As I said, I plan to do a giveaway at the end of the week. In order to earn an entry, please do one of the following

  1. Post a photo of you with your book (tagging #readme & @themamasutra)
  2. Share my book with your friends via social media (again, tag me so I can see it)
  3. Post your honest book review to your favorite channel (dm me a screenshot)
  4. Dm me your purchase receipt when you buy my book.
  5. Answer this survey (and give me your email so I can give you credit)
  6. Sharing your favorite blog post of mine anywhere on social media (just tag me so I get notified)

(Do more than one, get an entry for each, get it?)

At the end of the business day on Friday, I’ll draw one lucky name from all of the entries. That person will win their choice of

a) sex toy (TBD),

b) $50 gift card to or

c) an hour of my time for your very own, private Q&A session (worth $225)

To get a free chapter from the book (a sort of try-before-you-buy), go here:

To buy a book of your own, go here:

If you’ve already purchased the book, THANK YOU! Please consider writing a review on the website of your choice, if you have not already.

I really appreciate your support. I cannot believe it’s been a year already. My book turned 1 happy birthday! Wow. 

Thank you! And Happy Birthday, book baby!



p.s., If you’d like to contribute money to support my work or offer a gift for the book birthday, you may do so here.

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The MamaSutra

Dr. Lanae St.John is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology and certified sex coach with a background in sexology and a passion for helping people improve their sexual health and relationships. She is the author of "Read Me: A Parental Primer for "The Talk"" and the upcoming "You Are the One: How stopping the search and looking inside will lead you to your romantic destiny," and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research and trends in the field. Dr. St.John aims to share her knowledge and expertise in a relatable and approachable way through her blog on

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