Erotic Breath Control

Edited by Sex & Relationship Author Lanae St.John

Looking for a comprehensive guide on Erotic Breath Control after watching the intense scenes in HBO's 'The Idol'? Our guide, 'The College Student's Guide to Erotic Breath Control', provides a deep dive into the practice, emphasizing safety, consent, and open communication. Understand the reality behind the scenes you've seen on screen.

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The College Student's Guide to Erotic Breath Control

Get the inside scoop on erotic breath control safely and confidently with "The College Student's Guide to Erotic Breath Control: Frequently Asked Questions about Erotic Breath Control - Answers You Can Trust." This comprehensive guide, designed especially for college students, covers everything you need to know, no matter your background in sex education.

From understanding consent and setting boundaries to exploring various methods and finding a reliable partner, this guide, penned by college-aged sisters Marcia and Cindy St.John, has you covered. With guidance from their mother, Dr. Lanae St.John, a respected sexuality education expert, you'll be empowered to navigate the world of erotic breath control with safety and confidence.

Don't rely on porn or peers for information when it comes to your desires and boundaries. Trust in this expertly crafted guide to help you make well-informed decisions and enjoy a safe, consensual, and fulfilling exploration of erotic breath control.

The College Student's Guide to Erotic Breath Control

This guide is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Explore erotic breath control safely and confidently

  • Understand the importance of consent and setting boundaries

  • Learn from experts in sexuality education with a relatable college perspective

  • Make informed decisions about your desires and boundaries

  • Enhance your intimate experiences through open communication and aftercare

  • Empower yourself with comprehensive and accessible knowledge


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The College Student's Guide to Erotic Breath Control


Legal Considerations

Includes legal considerations related to EBC to understand the potential legal implications.

Safety First Approach

The guide emphasizes the importance of safety, consent, and communication in all aspects of EBC.

Quick and Easy Read

Get the scoop on what this behavior is all about.

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Comprehensive Information

Provides a thorough understanding of EBC, from its basics to more advanced techniques.

Interactive Features

Includes links for other resources as well.

Supports Healthy Relationships

Promotes trust, emotional connection, and open communication in relationships.


Hi, I'm Lanae. I'm glad you're here!

Welcome to The MamaSutra! I am Dr. Lanae St. John, a certified sex coach and writer. My daughters )going by the pen names Marcia & Cindy) and I conceived of this book after hearing their stories of campus life, misadventures of peers, and seeing ridiculous posts on social media, as well as hearing about how this act was portrayed in Mainstream TV shows. It's not encouraging the behavior as much as acknowledging that some college aged kids are interested in this topic and it deserves to be addressed in a healthy way. If a guide like this didn't exist, porn would be their education. As a parent, I know that's not the source I trust.

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