This photo was going around the internet on Facebook.

a butt pug dressed as a butt plug

It is a picture of a pug dressed up in black latex with a shape on its back that resembles a sex toy called an butt plug used for the anus. The caption said “butt pug” and it looked like a butt plug.

I showed it to my partner and we snickered. Marcia asked me what was so funny? Because I want:

  1. to be honest with her,
  2. to explain to her the context myself, and
  3. help her grow in understanding for why it was funny, I showed the picture to her.

Her follow-up question was, “What’s a butt pug?”

I explained to her how the picture was a visual joke; that there are sex toys some adults use called butt plugs that look like the black shape on the dog’s back. They play with them because they feel good, but they are sized much smaller for humans.

Then I talked about anatomy; I briefly went over how sensitive the area around the anus is. Did you know that the skin around your anus is similar to the lips on your face in terms of sensitivity? Just like how your lips can detect the rough edge of a fingernail, your anus can as well. #themoreyouknow

Lastly, I explained a vital safety issue – one that even some adults do not know; a person should only use toys or items that have a flared base in or around the anus. The anus is a ravenous orifice, and goofing around with objects that don’t have a flared base usually lands that person in the emergency room.

I addressed the topic using accurate facts without judgment or criticism. My daughter’s takeaway: Marcia couldn’t believe people put strange things in their rectums. When she gets older, maybe she will figure it out. But for now, she has accurate information about toys (specifically, a butt plug) and physiological information about the anus that she may remember when that time comes.

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