Podcast episodes with
Dr. Lanae St.John

These tips can help you shift your love life and begin to solve issues in your relationship.

Honeydew Me Podcast

Using Ice In The Bedroom with Dr. Lanae St.John

Sex with Emily Podcast

Your Guide to Having “the Talk” with Dr. Lanae St. John

Health: It's Personal

Parenting Series: The Talk with Sexologist Dr. Lanae St. John

A Lo Oscuro

How to have "The Talk" with your kids


How to have the talk with your child with Dr. Lanae St.John

Empowered & Unapologetic

Sex, Part 1: How to have “The Talk” with your kids

Empowered & Unapologetic

Sex, Part 2: Women’s Insecurities in the bedroom & How to Challenge them

Empowered & Unapologetic

Sex, Part 3: Ready, Sex, Go! Hubby and I discuss sex with a sexologist

 The Step-mom Strong Podcast

W/Nathalie Savell

Mindful Parenting Podcast

The 5 Building Blocks to a Healthy Sexuality

Story-a-Day Podcast with Julie Duffy

Writing Love & Intimacy with Dr. Lanae St.John

Coaching through Chaos

How to talk to your kids about sex with Dr. Lanae St.John

Tools of Life

Five Building Blocks To Having (and CONTINUING) “The Talk” With Your Teens

Mindful Parenting Podcast

“Love, Sex & Dating in Midlife & What To Teach Our Kids About Love & Dating

How We Talk About Sex, with Eric Leviton

Lanae St.John Returns to HWTAS

The AHA Moment Podcast


Married to Doctors Podcast

Five Building Blocks To Having (and CONTINUING) “The Talk” With Your Teens

The Dr. Ali Griffith Show

Sex Connect: Self, Kids and Others

Eric Leviton

How We Talk About Sex

Sex Positive Me

Building Blocks to a Healthy Sexuality

About Dr. Lanae St.John

Lanae, known as The MamaSutra, is a board-certified sexologist, certified sex coach, and sexuality educator. She is author of “Read Me: A Parental Primer for “The Talk”. Lanae lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her significant other and two daughters.

Dr. St.John helps individuals and couples get comfortable with their own sexuality through coaching sessions, workshops and lots of informative and even fun exercises to try with your partner.

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