Gotta Stay “Physically Distant”? Corona-Proof your Sex Life with Sexting

Maybe you are practicing physical distancing but want to stay sexy/playful.

Maybe you and your partner are on different schedules. 

Maybe you wish you could go back to when you were dating and your life was easy. 

Maybe you long for the moments when all you could think about was sex. 

Well, I don’t have a time machine but we can try to adapt life to make it sexier for you today. 

Thank goodness you’re an adult. You don’t likely have the same concerns teens or celebrities have, like:

  • Hackers stealing your pics (for profit!)
  • Texting sexy pics as an underage person to an underage person (hello, sex offender registry)
  • Parents seeing the pics on your phone (okay idk how nosy YOUR mom was…)
  • Fear that your immature hookup buddy will pass your pics around to their friends (an important discussion point nonetheless)

The task you have now is coming up with sexy, sassy, seductive, and fun ideas to play with your partner. But where to start? Once you have someone who is up for receiving these types of communications, here are two ways to break down sexy texts (or sexts)  into bite-sized pieces. 

Text #Gotta Stay “Physically Distant”? Corona-Proof your Sex Life with Sexting

How does one begin to sext? I use three different categories – acronyms, emojis, and good old words.


Certain acronyms work as code. Things like WRU (where are you), WRUD (what are you doing),  WRUW (what are you wearing) are playful and add secrecy to things as well. 


Be playful and sext with emojis. Isn’t this what they were created for in the first place? Simple icons replacing words work. Examples:  <img decoding=” />  <img decoding=” />  <img decoding=” />  <img decoding=” />  <img decoding=” /> <img decoding=” />

…As do partial sentences. I have a couple of favorites. Something like this can be playful and funny: 

<img decoding=” /><img decoding=” /><img decoding=” />         

8==<img decoding=” />=D <img decoding=” /> <img decoding=” />

If you want to really “level up” your game, try downloading the emojis from flirtmoji for a special treat.


Sexting “dirty talk” can be simple if you think about it this way. Write in past, present or future tense. Meaning you can literally (and best in a detailed way) describe something you’ve done before, write as if you’re doing something sex-related right now, or what you would do if you were in the situation right now. 

If you have a special flair for using a double entendre, then this part is for you! Bust out your best “That’s what s/he said”-inducing lines to bring a wry smile or blush to your partner’s face


There are *Special Concerns* if you wish to share intimate pictures via SMS or the internet. The following is my list. Note: This is addressed to consenting adults over the age of 18!!

Permission – the most important step!

Make sure your partner is comfortable, participating freely and without coercion. Harassing, nagging, guilt-tripping, or blackmailing a partner to send you nudes OR sending explicit images without their consent is hella rude, not to mention potentially against the law. Get familiar with the laws in your city or state about this. 

Also, do NOT share an image you got off the web unless you are certain the subject is over 18. If you don’t heed my warning and choose to do so anyway, you are potentially engaging in illegal activities, namely distributing child porn. 


You don’t even have to use your genitals if you don’t want to. But please, if you’re going to use someone else’s pictures, please do so consensually. Best to search for a site that has pix you can purchase. Support artists and pay for the images. A photographer should have a model release and age confirmation so you can make sure the photo is someone of legal age. You don’t want to get caught up in a child porn ring or something awful like that. (Also, don’t pirate genital pix. That’s just bad form). Gotta Stay “Physically Distant”? Corona-Proof your Sex Life with Sexting

If you do decide to use your own images and want to maintain some anonymity, try not to have your face in the picture. But also, consider keeping them…


To discourage sharing or spreading of the pictures you do take, “watermark” the picture with the full name of the person you sent it to. You can create a watermark with many photo apps.  Make sure to place the watermark across the image in such a way that it cannot be cropped out. This can serve to protect you from “revenge porn” if this person should, heaven forbid, share your pictures without your consent. 


No need to be explicit or graphic either. Think subtle. No need to show nipples. There are plenty of other views to choose from. Think up close cleavage shots from the front, tasteful sideboob, underboob, or birds-eye views. Another reason to be subtle? Sending a pic of your genitals spread eagle could be problematic if sent during the day. You never know if your partner’s phone is face-up at work for others to see. Non-Consensual Shocker!

Safety #Gotta Stay “Physically Distant”? Corona-Proof your Sex Life with Sexting

The most important thing when engaging in virtual sexy times is to make sure you’re safe. How do you ensure that when sexting with someone? My best advice is if someone is nagging, badgering, or harassing you to do this, they’re probably not safe. Especially if they do not listen to you. 

You are also allowed to change your mind. If you initially express an interest in sexting with someone and something changes for you, you’re allowed to say “no”. Let them be disappointed or upset (that tells you something else important about that relationship).

But in all seriousness,

This post is intended to be light-hearted, and not disrespectful of the serious health situation some people around the globe are experiencing right now with the Covid-19 virus.  Wherever you are, please take care of yourself. Your health and wellness – not just your sexual health and wellness – are important to me too. Finding ways to stay connected with others when the physical component is risky presents its challenges but it can be done.  

In addition to the suggestions from medical professionals, perhaps a reframing of the overall situation can help. Take this time also to slow down, connect with your loved ones, get lots of sleep, eat well, get outside in the sun, drink water. If it looks like you will have a bit of time inside, maybe take up a new hobby, catch up on all those books sitting on your bookshelf, and join online classes on topics that interest you. Introverted me is already at home doing these things and preparing more for you.Gotta Stay “Physically Distant”? Corona-Proof your Sex Life with Sexting

Stay well!




p.s.,  If you want help with learning how to Talk Dirty, check out this guide in my shop

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