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My friends at The Pleasure Chest Stores have a new site called Sex Is Back, a great site featuring videos of people (sex experts, activists, educators, etc) talking about all different aspects of sex. The videos are a lot of fun to watch and informative too!

Check it out:

Here are a couple videos I am in with my awesome sex activist BFF and business partner Alyssa Royse. We have so much fun together talking about sex… and she has the greatest stories!

Here we are answering the question about “Your Most Sexually Empowering Moment” and we end up talking about Orgasms…

In this video, The question is what Sex act do you have on your bucket list (or what haven’t you tried yet). We end with an AWESOME story of a time in Greece when Alyssa finds out she’s a little bit kinky.

I hope you enjoy these.
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