Car Seat Lecture Series


“The Car Seat Lecture Series” is a fun, lighthearted, and informative series for parents on how to have important safety and development conversations with their children while they are strapped into their car seats. This guide includes a number of conversations covering topics such as stranger danger, the importance of reflective clothing at night, and other important safety issues that are perfect for the captive audience of children while they are in the car.


  • Safety and development conversations with children while they are strapped in their car seats
  • Comprehensive guide that covers a range of important safety and development topics
  • Talks about stranger danger and other safety-related topics.
  • Teach the importance of reflective clothing at night
  • Educational tool for parents
  • Captive audience for children’s learning
  • Maximize the time spent in the car for child development
  • Promote a safe and secure environment for children
  • Improve overall safety and security for your children


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