Q: The Standing up 69 is said to be the most nerve-wracking sex position. Do you have any tips or tricks that might help us get comfortable performing a 69 standing up?

A:  Standing up 69, nerve-wracking is right.  Just because standing up/upside-down 69 could be done in theory doesn’t mean it needs to be.  I’m not sure how the partner in the upside-down position could derive much pleasure from this when the blood is literally moving away from that region toward their skull! I imagine it would be tough to hold this position until orgasm.

Also, it says something if one gender is assumed to be the one in the upside-down position. It’s fair to try both partners in that role to fully understand the level of difficulty involved.

I picture something more along the lines of the Spiderman kiss-in-the-rain scene, but with genitals.

#Standing up 69. One should ask the question, why are we doing this? Is this just to check off some box on a list of all the craziest sex positions and this is one of them?

I’m not so sure this would be the most connected sex if, 1) your mind is thinking about your spatial relation to the floor and 2) how quickly your head starts pounding, not to mention I just cannot imagine also factoring in 3) balance while simultaneously 4) trying to enjoy the pleasant things being done to you AND 5) doing pleasurable things to your partner.

That said, if you’re into the challenge of unique sex positions then go for it. Just make sure you have a safety plan in place and an agreed-upon safeword/tap out movement you can use if you need to stop in a hurry. Then plan out how you will help for any eventualities.

That said, maybe it would work better if you are a person who regularly uses gravity boots. Then finding a partner who lines up for you while you are in that position is probably how this would work best. If you do go toward orgasm in the gravity boots position, make sure you’ve orgasmed in that position before to make sure you have the strength to pull yourself back up to dismount as some people feel a little weak after the big O and your partner might not be prepared to help you out. As always, check with your physician before you begin an exercise program.

Otherwise, if it’s just a box you want to check, then assume the position, insert genitals in the mouth, and then dismount immediately. CHECK. I give you permission to claim you did it.



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