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Sex Ed Workshop

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Sex Life Reset

Mini-course + printable guide

Looking for something to spice up your sex life? Check out this fantastic Sex Life Reset! This is the perfect way to get you and your partner curious about sex again. It's easy; simply answer some questions independently and then follow the instructions to compare your responses. You'll end up with a menu of options for yourselves. So what are you waiting for? Let's RESET your sex life today!

One to One Coaching

You want someone who encourages and teaches you how to have the sex and life you want? That's me.

Asking for a Friend...

Got a burning question? Curious to see if someone has already asked it?

Over the years as a sexologist, people ask me questions, sometimes under the guise of “Asking For A Friend™”. In this database, you can search about 1000 of the rawest, most honest questions and find my rawest, most honest answers. These questions are not made up for entertainment purposes. These are the REAL and sometimes graphic questions kept just how they asked.

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