Dig into My Toy Chest of Goodies – 2020 Holiday Edition

Each product I feature has been independently selected, reviewed, and approved by me. If you make a purchase using the links included, I may earn a commission. #the MamaSutra toy chest.

From vibrators and condoms to books and toys… My toy chest is filled with amazing resources to support your sexual exploration. But before we get into the list, there are a few things I look for in these goodies. 

Quality materials. #The MamaSutra Toy Chest

If a toy is meant to be inserted, then I won’t purchase it if it’s not made with high-quality medical-grade silicone, for example. It feels very nice to touch and it’s body-safe. If I pick up a toy and it has that harsh plastic smell, I presume it’s off-gassing and don’t want it in or near my body.


I like to know all I can about a toy before I purchase it. You may have other questions (and desired answers), but these are some of mine: 

  • How noisy is it? I prefer toys that are on the silent side. That said, I do own a Hitachi magic wand which is pretty loud. 
  • Is it battery powered or rechargeable? I prefer the rechargeables and appreciate that many have USB plugs as well. 
  • Is it waterproof? Can it be easily cleaned? These two questions go hand in hand for me. If it’s submersible it’s probably going to be easy to clean too. 
  • How much space will it take for storage? What are the reviews like? 
  • How user friendly is it? 

I’ve shifted away from calling sex toys such and shifted toward thinking of these items as Sexual Health Devices. Sure they’re for entertainment, but to call them “toys” all the time downplays the important role they serve in helping us take sexual health seriously. And putting things in that context I begin to understand more easily that an expensive “toy” in my toy chest is worth the investment.

PLUS > NEW THIS YEAR! #the MamaSutra Toy Chest 

I’m not so one-dimensional that sex is all I think about, so this year I’m including a few items that one might find on a more traditional list. The first part of the page comes from my Amazon page and consists of books and my Self-Love Saturday Pampering items (all great gift ideas). The second half consists of items from businesses owned by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Womxn, or underrepresented populations. Please join me in supporting these businesses too in your holiday shopping.

Click through these two hyperlinks to see the recommendations:

Adult xxx toys

Traditional Gift Guide

Now that you know what is in my toy chest, shop away, folks! Happy Holidays!



The MamaSutra

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