On Friday, September 22, the good folks at TENGA released the results from their 2nd annual United States(s) of Masturbation survey following their #DoItInMay Masturbation Month promotion. There were some fantastic results, for example, people who masturbate 4x/week experience 4 benefits:

  • They go to the doctor less due to illness and injury
  • they have higher body confidence
  • are more likely to be employed
  • and have 3x more orgasms.

It all sounds like pretty good justification to me. Also, the survey got some answers to the questions, “What do you think”, “Why do we do it”, “What gets us there”, and “What do we fantasize about”. For answers to those questions and more, check out the infographic below or go to TENGA’s website for the press release.

To celebrate this news, I’m giving away a TENGA Flip Hole to one lucky winner (click for details). Second Prize gets a TENGA Vacuum Cup in this  Rafflecopter giveaway

I love to de-shame-ify masturbation and encourage people to get to know their bodies. I think there are many benefits to reap from masturbation including relieving stress, enhancing immune function, and helping one learn about their body and what feels good, among other reasons. Masturbation is also a way to get hands-on with your sexual health as well (stay tuned for a future post on this).

Masturbation will not make you grow hair on your palms or make you go blind, or any of the other crap people try to tell you to get you to stop. Just don’t do it in front of Gramma (or anyone else who doesn’t #Consent!), clean your hands before and after, try to incorporate lube once in a while, and you should be fine.


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