Parents, did your kids find sex toys at home and you wish they wouldn’t have? Mine have. The situation was almost as funny as this:

If you don’t feel like going to IKEA for storage solutions, you can check out the following items to store your toys (I do not get any kickbacks for sending you to these links):

The Joyboxx, which looks like a toolbox

The Mini Moi Case or The Moi Box Deluxe. These look like a toiletry kit and a beautiful keepsake box for your bookshelf.

The Tallulah Toy Case resembles a beautiful micro suede satchel.

The Sneaky Sack – which hides like a hanger inside your closet underneath an item of your clothing. Pretty smart!

Kids get into places you’d prefer they NOT all the time. If your kids find sex toys at home I see you have two options:

1. You can hide things in plain sight and explain what the toys are if questioned (see my link above), and remember, you don’t need to tell them HOW to use it. Or,

2. You can tuck them away in locked or hidden storage areas.

Your pick.

Dr. Lanae

The MamaSutra

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